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See what our Members have to say

I was surprised that going green can also save my money!

I have always wanted to find a real way to combat global warming and massive pollution.

Double F.B. helped me to find such way! Every day, using my own green electricity I know that my efforts help make the planet better.

Surprisingly enough, 4 weeks later I realized that going green also saved me money in the end, go figure...

- Michelle Conroy / New York -

Double F.B. really works: my electric bill was slashed by a freaking 50%

What can I say about Double F.B.? It really works. Now while looking at my electric bill I can't help smiling.

I halved it by 50% in first month alone! My only regret is that I didn't know of Double F.B. until now.

Could save thousands of hard-earned dollars that went to my energy supplier...

- Alex Richardson - Texas -

I got electricity far away from the grid!

Not so long ago I bought a perfect land in a desert far away from the city. There was only one problem – no grid, so no electricity at all. I was frustrated, not knowing what to do.

Thank God, one of my friends told me about FreeForceBlast.com. Their easy step-by-step manual allowed me to power up my distant site!

Now I have enough electricity to run my everyday tasks.

- Peter Williams - Arizona -

I got my own power. It cost me less than 200 bucks.

For many years, I was sickened by high electricity prices. Yet they are going up every single year.

Thinking of how I can start reducing my dependence on the grid I started researching. After many years, I finally found Double F.B.. Following their thorough "How-To" guide I got my first own power station.

Now I really feel like converting my entire home to renewable energy in the nearest future.

- Mike Smith - California -

Now I'm looking forward to make the power company pay me!

For many years, I was trying to save money on my electricity bills. No luck. Greedy power tycoons boost power prices every year.

Their philosophy is simple: you either pay or live like you're in the Stone Age. Luckily, I found your product, which was exactly what I was looking for all this time. In the first month,

I achieved a 70% reduction on my monthly grid consumption! With an idea of scaling, soon my power supplier will be pay me instead! You have my eternal gratitude. Thank you.

- John Kingery - Kansas -

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