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***WARNING: Due to recent reports from viewers who have experienced accelerated free energy generation - please consult your certified electrician if you experience more than 75% power bill reduction in first 3 months. This 30-day trick should only be used as noted on following report.

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First of all, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Robert J. Cox and I am a 47 years old aviation engineer.

Today I am gonna share with you the story that changed my life for the better. It started 2 years ago, but I remember it, as it was yesterday...

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

​It was a Friday night. I love to read and stay informed, so every night before going to sleep I stay up a bit longer and surf over the Internet. That time I was upset, that was the day, when my electric bill arrived. Month after month, I was paying more and more to my power supplier.

I haven't bought any new electronic devices for my house, so I was just trying to figure out why my electric bill is growing. I couldn't find any explanation, but I had to do something...​

“First thing you need to do is identify holes in budget”

I knew where I was losing money: the electric company was squeezing it from my pocket. The culprit was clear, so I had to act, fast!

I'm an ambitious man, so I had to count my options here.

Hours later surfing on the Internet I found "solar panels". After researching, and calling the suppliers I got a price: $15,000! I started thinking...

"How will I get this money? I don't have this much to invest. This is not my get-away solution"​


One solution was the sun, expensive one... Therefore, I had to try something else... I don't have a river to build myself a hydroelectric power station...

So I started researching about the wind.​

Wind Turbines

You know, generally speaking, wind is the flow of gases. On the surface of the Earth, wind means bulk movement of air.

Wind is caused by differences in atmospheric pressure.

When such difference takes place, air is moving from the higher to the lower pressure area, resulting in currents of various speeds.​

​Human kind was using wind power since antiquity and it's never going to get exhausted.​

It's Unlimited and It's Free, so Nobody Can Charge You From Using It...


I started researching to buy a wind power turbine, but I got the same cost: almost $15,000 bucks. Which opened another question:

"What shall I do...? I know what to do, I will build one myself!"

Being an aviation engineer, I easily understood the system. After 3 days of working on sketches and projects I found the PERFECT solution: easy and cheap.​

Back to Drawing Board

I went to my local store, bought all the materials and parts and began building it. By the dinnertime I was done, it's an EASY system so I didn't have any problems building it.

I powered up the living room and the bathroom. The days have passed and I forgot about my invention. All that month me and my family were using the energy from my invention and we didn't feel any difference. Next month, my new electric bill arrived, and to my surprise...

'The 35% Power Bill Cut'

*Spoiler Alert: In 2022 the system was perfected to reach beyond 75%
Next morning, two guys from the electric company came to my door, with orders to inspect my meter. They thought I somehow managed to steal the electricity from them... I showed them my device and they ran away quickly. Hah!

Good Neighbors

My neighbor Steve saw the men and I explained to him what happened. He's dealing with the same problem as I had all these years. Next weekend, Steve and I began building a new system, this time for his home.

Like my first project, by the dinnertime we finished it. Good news travels fast, so by the end of the month all my neighbors installed my system.

I was feeling good, I helped out many people but that was not enough.​

One Sunday, coming back from the church, pissed off by the company, I decided to help everyone, so I've created this EASY DIY manual, designed for everybody to understand, build and take advantage of my system.

Now Introducing a Free Home Energy Blueprint - “Double F.B.

An easy and simple device will help you save money every month for the rest of your life

I have been using it for over 2 years now and believe me, I don't feel any difference. The only difference is in my pocket and it's not only me. I'm talking about 47k people that are already using my system at this very moment.

Here's just a sample of what you'll find inside:

The Best DIY Free Home Energy Systems Available On Market Today​

  • Where to obtain: necessary parts for the project
  • How to make: the system in just a few hours even if you have two left hands
  • How to scale up: the system and even power up the whole house
  • Some "Common MISTAKES": and the easy way to prevent them, no other DIY expert pays attention to it
  • How to store: your excess electricity and even sell it back to the grid for a profit

I designed these DIY manuals to be EASY to understand and built, so you won't have any problems following them.

You Will Have a Device Up and Running in a Matter of Hours!
Nearly 47k people from all over the world use this system. That many people just can't be wrong!
Here are some of the messages I received from my followers:

"I got my own power. It cost me less than 200 bucks."

For many years, I was sickened by high electricity prices. Yet they are going up every single year.

Thinking of how I can start reducing my dependence on the grid I started researching. After many years, I finally found Double F.B.. Following their thorough "How-To" guide I got my first own power station.

Now I really feel like converting my entire home to renewable energy in the nearest future.

Mike Smith


"I got electricity far away from the grid!"

Not so long ago I bought a perfect land in a desert far away from the city. There was only one problem – no grid, so no electricity at all. I was frustrated, not knowing what to do.

Thank God, one of my friends told me about Their easy step-by-step manual allowed me to power up my distant site!

Now I have enough electricity to run my everyday tasks.

Peter Williams​


"Double F.B. really works: my electric bill was slashed by a freaking 50%"

What can I say about Double F.B.? It really works. Now while looking at my electric bill I can't help smiling.

I halved it by 50% in first month alone! My only regret is that I didn't know of Double F.B. until now.

Could save thousands of hard-earned dollars that went to my energy supplier...

Alex Richardson​​


"I was surprised that going green can also save my money!"

I have always wanted to find a real way to combat global warming and massive pollution.

Double F.B. helped me to find such way! Every day, using my own green electricity I know that my efforts help make the planet better.

Surprisingly enough, 4 weeks later I realized that going green also saved me money in the end, go figure...

Michelle Conroy​​​

#New York​

"Now I'm looking forward to make the power company pay me!"

For many years, I was trying to save money on my electricity bills. No luck. Greedy power tycoons boost power prices every year.

Their philosophy is simple: you either pay or live like you're in the Stone Age. Luckily, I found your product, which was exactly what I was looking for all this time. In the first month,

I achieved a 70% reduction on my monthly grid consumption! With an idea of scaling, soon my power supplier will be pay me instead! You have my eternal gratitude. Thank you.

John Kingery​​​​


Other things you should know

Eco Friendly, Cost-Effective & Efficiently Deisgned

  • The system does not pollute the environment
  • It's 100% Eco-friendly product​
  • Doesn't require gas
  • Doesn't require oil
  • It's portable; you can move it wherever you want​
  • Free future updates (LIFETIME)

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    “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison, America's Greatest Inventor & Creator of Electric Light Bulb

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