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This bundle is a special collection of 4 carefully picked reports to go hand in hand with "Double F.B.".

They'll help you become truly self-sufficient and energy independent and you'll actually be able to finally say "Goodbye" to your energy supplier.

The normal retail price for each one of these special reports is $39... That's a total of $156 for the entire package. But as Free Force Blast Member, we are giving you a HUGE DISCOUNT so you won't have to pay anything close to that.

Here's what you're getting:

Special Report #1: The Tesla Generator (Retail price $39)

survival medicine

Very few people have heard of the greatest genius the electronic industry had: Nikola Tesla.

He was truly a man amongst men when it came to pushing the boundaries of innovation and for putting his revolutionary discoveries into practice.

Do you want to, save money, reduce your electricity bill and be in the know concerning one of the best kept secrets of power moguls worldwide?

Believe it or not you can do all that if you have Nikola Tesla's amazing energy generator in your home. Not only can this incredible generator provide you with free electricity to power your home but you will also be able to get off the grid, becoming completely energy independent in less than 30 days.

Here's just some of the topics covered
  • Complete step-by-step DIY Kit showing how to build a Tesla Generator
  • Instructions on how to achieve maximum yield with Tesla Generator
  • Complete material & exact price list (spoiler alert: total cost is less than $100)
  • Instructions on how to reduce your energy consumption with ease
  • Detailed assembly instructions along with illustrations
  • Complete list of tools required
  • And so much more...
With The Tesla Generator, you'll be able to set a course towards energy independence today. You have my guarantee, or money back!

Special Report #2: Water Fuel Cell (Retail price $39)

Water Fuel Cell is a modern, 21st century update of highly successful original invention, prototyped and patented a century ago.

Recently, a small group of engineers have paired up with a group of scientists, and together they've set on a quest to recreate a sleek Water Fuel Cell by today's standards.

survival medicine

After successfully passing all trials and errors, they've completely polished out the design and released all findings to public. Now you can easily create your own Water Fuel Cell and save your money. Following simple step-by-step instruction set you will be able to create your very own home power-station.

Water Fuel Cell is
  • Easy to Build
  • Minuscule Investment Real-World Application
  • Achieve Power Expense Reduction From +35%
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Technology
  • 100% Renewable Energy Design
Product Highlights
  • Thorough Step-By-Step Guide
  • Detailed Do-It-Yourself Pdf Manual
  • Complete Tools And Supplies List
  • And so Much More...
Water Fuel Cell is detailed beginner-friendly TRUE energy independent Set-It-And-Forget-It Home-Kit!

Special Report #3: Roto Verter Generator (Retail price $39)

survival medicine

Roto Verter Generator is a cutting edge technology, that is currently being used by engineers working in the open source energy communities for energy saving applications.

This incredible new technology has already been reviewed and confirmed by independent engineers as being a superior energy saving device, which can save significant energy in standard electric motor applications.

So Here's The Deal

Roto Verter Generator is an easy DIY Manual, that contains detailed schematics and clear images of all essential parts. Additionally, these designs are carefully segmented into multiple step-by-step chapters, each covering everything you need to know in order assemble it. Following this detailed blueprint you will be able to build the Roto Verter Generator, a device, which is being secretly used by top engineers world-wide.

Inside Roto Verter Generator you will find complete set of detailed blueprints, color images and all the instructions needed to build and run this amazing device.

Special Report #4: Water Glass (Retail price $39)

Water Glass is fully working and highly efficient clean energy generator that you've never seen before.

This device is portable, "pocket-sized", small-scale design of commercially unavailable industrial hydroelectric generator.

This comprehensive guide will change your life forever, and obliterate those concerns you have about incoming energy bills.

survival medicine

Only today, you have a unique chance of getting your hands on this life changing eBook, which will enable you to learn everything you need to know to build this innovative and easy home-made generator!

Your Energy Independence Starts Here...

Water Glass - Hydroelectric Generator is a detailed step by step blueprint on how to build a free energy generator, you've never seen before. Today you can learn everything you need to know about making an easy DIY energy generator from this inexhaustible pool of information!

Inside you will find
  • Step-By-Step Instruction Set Along With Illustrations
  • Detailed Parts List
  • Modern Set-it-and-Forget-it Technology
  • 100% Clean Energy Production
  • And Much More...
Water Glass is portable and small-scale industrial hydroelectric generator, you've always wanted!


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Premium Energy Package

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