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From: James L. Dills

Dear Friend,

I know we've just met, so maybe it's a bit early to be calling each other friends, but the fact that you're reading this page shows me that we have a problem in common: high-energy bills.

We both want cheaper energy prices, but with current economy situation, this "dream" is unachievable. However, is it really truly unachievable?

It all started when my ex-boss decided to terminate my employment contract permanently, calling it redundancy downscaling, couple of years back. It wasn't until it happened to me, that I fully comprehended the situation, so many of you, my countrymen, already experienced. In addition, as if that wasn't bad enough, postman took care of the rest, with delivery of never ending bills...

Being unable to find new employment it was at that point that prompted me to take matters in my own hands. Through persistency, bit of luck and unyielding will I managed to... Well, listen...

It All Began With...

This is a story that was never to be told and remains shrouded in mystery to this date.

In the summer of 1928, whole decade before WW2, a German inventor Francis Upland achieved what no one else had done before in front of millions of eyewitnesses.

It all started with one man's dream of circumnavigating the globe using an aircraft, and, at the time yet unknown airship, was chosen for this mission. However, not long after project's launch, they began experiencing power supply shortage, realizing that their aircraft was a giant power-hungry beast that required outstanding energy reserves, for operation.

After extensive discussions with lead project scientists, the decision was made. Mission's successfulness depended on then-inexistent technological breakthrough, an inexhaustible energy generation device, capable of producing continuous high level current. Thus the research commenced, having one single objective:

The Discovery of Alternative Energy Source, Codenamed...

Codename: "The Fuelless Engine"

free force blast

With The Fuelless Engine blueprints, you'll be able to achieve TRUE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. Why? If I was able to achieve it, so can you. You have my guarantee, or money back!

Against All Odds...

The Fuelless Engine was born after 13 years of research, hard work and advanced testing. Unfortunately, during post WW2 era, original design documents were lost, along with whole research.

However, decades later, the blueprints of the original prototype were found. I am amongst the very few that had the chance of studying the original The Fuelless Engine designs in detail, before big energy corporations got their hands on it.

So for a short time, this gave me an unique chance of being able to publish this amazing knowledge, and sharing it with public. I've assembled a team of experts, where we took original design, went back to drawing boards and took the prototype couple of steps further, to 21st century. Now, more than 70 years after Zeppelin's launch, The Fuelless Engine is ready to be unleash upon the world.

The Fuelless Engine is an amazing device that will change your life forever, and obliterate those oversized power bills for the last time. Only today, you have a unique chance of getting your hands on third generation electrical milestone, which will enable you to achieve much deserved energy independence.

  • Thorough Step-By-Step Instruction Set
  • In-Depth Parts List
  • Truly Unique Set-It-And-Forget-It Design
  • 100% Renewable And Inexhaustible Model
  • 100% Eco-Friendly With Zero CO2 Emissions
  • US Patents Included
  • And Much More...
And best of all?

Only today, we are giving you an opportunity, for the first time ever, to get completely off the grid. With zero dangerous fumes, CO2 emissions, or any other greenhouse gases. Moreover, being a truly Set-It-And-Forget-It design, you will never have to think about your bills ever again, and you will finally be able to focus your life on tasks you truly enjoy completing.

Tell You What

If you order right now, I will throw in a special bonus, which will give you an immediate access to advanced version of my standard design that will allow you to scale the energy output exponentially. With it you will not only get an opportunity to save money, but it will actually transform you into a power supplier, being able to sell excess of produced energy back to the grid and make money 24/7, all in next 30 days.

But, To Enter This Electricity Nirvana...

There is one problem though. This is only working design copy in existence. Many have unsuccessfully attempted to reproduce the steps, but none followed original Francis' design, since we were only ones being able to study the work in detail. Meaning that you cannot buy The Fuelless Engine in store, and once you leave this webpage, you will lose this extraordinary opportunity, forever.

This truly is energy independence at its greatest!


With 100% Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You have 60 days to put these claims to the test. I guarantee that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the amount you're saving each month. In fact I'm so confident that I'll offering you a:

"No-Questions-Asked 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee"

Simply Contact Me and I'll refund your purchase in full.

Our trusted 3rd-party payment provider handles refund policy and enforces us to honor all refund requests within 60 days, so you can be 100% assured that your purchase is completely risk-free.

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I was dumping truckloads of cash to my energy provider's pocket, but not anymore.

It's only been about two months since I connected my generator to the grid.

Thank you very much James!

Mark #Ohio

"It Was Less Than $100..."

I installed a smart meter couple of months ago and my electric bill kept getting bigger and bigger, and for a while, I was thinking about paying 15k Dollars for industrial solar panel system.

I'm glad I didn't.

Your device did the trick, and it cost me a little under 100 Dollars to make it!

Frank #Texas

"My First DIY Project Ever..."

I've never built anything in my entire life.

Yet this was so easy I assembled it with my grandkids.

Now we get free electricity 24/7, allowing me to save 1000's of Dollars each year, all because of your solution.

Bill #Michigan

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The Fuelless Engine

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To Your Success,

- James L. Dills

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