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After extensive research and months of learning, I wrote down detailed guidelines to create this alternative energy generator. And what started out as a modest project, ended up being a thorough guide on how to make free energy and most importantly, save money. As my project was nearing completion, my wife asked: "What about sharing it? We weren’t alone paying high bills you know..." and this made me decide to share it with you today and help you.

Here comes: "Spiral Coil Generator"

Extreme Winter Survival Guidebook
The time has come for Spiral Coil Generator's introduction to humanity, and for you to truly start benefiting from this life-saving device as you're about to see.

Spiral Coil Generator was born after a year of research, hard work and advanced testing. I've asked for help of few energy experts, who helped me in completing this guide and put all energy tips together, creating an exhaustively complete guidebook. Inside you will find all the equipment required to recreate this generator, as well as parts list, colored pictures, schematics, and so much more...

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  • Sell Excess Electricity Produced Back To The Grid
  • Save Environment With 100% Eco Friendly Design
  • And so much more...
Inside You Will Find
  • Up-to-date Blueprints That Were Used To Construct Working Prototype
  • Detailed List Of Materials Used To Create Your Own Model
  • Comprehensive Instruction Set For Practical Deployment
  • Complete Schematics and Assembly Manual
  • Never Before Published Thorough Step-By-Step Guides

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I was a bit concerned that it would be too technical.

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Josh #San Francisco

"Compatible With Other Free Energy Devices..."

Quite honestly, I wasn't in need of yet another renewable energy solution, since I had a solar system installed by provider here in Australia for six months now.

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